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Still No XBox Joy

June 4, 2013 19:56:36.848

It's been over 24 hours since my problems with the XBox started - I've spoken to some people from XBox support who have been helpful, but they can't really solve my problem. Why? For reasons that make no sense to me, your XBox Live account is associated with (but somewhat independent of) your Microsoft account. Mind you, I don't use a Microsoft account for anything - I've never used Hotmail, I haven't tried to use Outlook.com, I haven't set up Skydrive. Somehow, when I tried to download my XBox gamer profile, the Microsoft side of things locked me out.

The maddening part of all this is how little I can do about this. I've tried changing my password, filling in the form the website directs me to in order to unblock my account... none of it works. There's no phone number to call; apparently, I'd have to be a paying email customer to rate that level of service. So what can I do? Well, apparently nothing. I got a few helpful sounding tweets back from @MicrosoftHelps, but nothing has really happened.

So at this point, I'm thinking the XBox One sounds like a really, really bad idea. When things go wrong, there's basically no recourse other than "fill in a form, pray, and wait for an indeterminate period of time". For all intents and purposes, my XBox is bricked. I have no access to any of the games I've downloaded, or any of the DLC I've downloaded. I've paid for a Gold account, which is currently not accessible to me. I'm sure Steam has problems, but I've never been locked out of my account. I've had issues like this with my XBox more than once.

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posted by James Robertson

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