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Smalltalk in London

May 25, 2010 16:10:07.858

There's a Seaside sprint/Camp Smalltalk happening in London this July - the 16th - 18th:

The UK Smalltalk User Group would like to invite everyone to attend Camp Smalltalk London this July 16-18. The Pharo team will be holding one of their regular coding sprints and, in true Camp Smalltalk spirit, other Smalltalkers will be gathering together to do some productive work on their projects. In addition, we want to welcome those who just want to learn more about Smalltalk, so we'll be holding an introductory tutorial on the first morning. We'll have you writing Smalltalk by lunch! If there's interest, we'll follow up with a Seaside tutorial the next day.

Sounds like fun - and Cincom is hosting a dinner at the event. Follow the link for details.

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posted by James Robertson

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