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Marketing To Lose

January 13, 2010 16:52:20.060

I love this approach to marketing:

So, you crafted a campaign to drive people to submit your form, but they did not? That's ok. Within Eloqua, you can easily set up a follow up email to target people who landed on a specific page, but did not submit a form.

Here's a better thought: How about you don't bother people who expressed no interest? How about you don't require the form, and just offer the information? This whole concept of "lead generation" is just wrong headed. If you want potential customers to know something, let them know. If the information is actually useful, and you have a product/service that solves a related problem, they'll come back to you.

When you get treated this way at the car dealer shop, does it fill you with joy? What makes marketing people think it will make anyone happy?

Update: When I described this to my wife, and asked her how that kind of followup would feel, she said "I'd feel stalked"

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posted by James Robertson

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