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Geeks Vs. Everyone Else

April 10, 2010 12:38:04.685

I think Dare Obasanjo nails it in discussing the new official Twitter mobile clients:

As an end user and someone who works on web platforms, none of this is really surprising. Geeks consider having to wade through half a dozen Twitter clients before finding one that works for them a feature even though paradox of choice means that most people are actually happier with less choices not more. This is made worse by the fact that in the mobile world, this may mean paying for multiple apps until you find one that you’re happy with.

The The Paradox of Choice thing is real - there's actual research on it.

This move by Twitter is a rational business response to that dilemma - given a plethora of choices, most people will bail rather than wae their way through client after client, looking for the best one. If instead, the first hit in the app store (et. al.) is "The Official Twitter Client", that will make most people happy, and end their search.

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posted by James Robertson

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