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Finished Alan Wake

June 25, 2010 23:06:39.141

I finished Alan Wake this evening - it's an interesting game. It's linear, but it held my interest more than shooters like "Modern Warfare" - it's more of a story with a game attached. The game elements themselves are challenging - the end battle, for instance, took me a few tries to get right. Let me just say this, to avoid too many spoilers: it's hard to beat a supernatural weather event with a flare gun and a flashlight :)

I only got 30 of the 50 achievement points - I'm not sure I'd try it on "Nightmare", but it might be worth running through again in search of the rest of the manuscript. Reading those pages to get a taste of what was coming next was one of the best parts of the game. If you like horror, I think you'll like this gane.

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posted by James Robertson

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