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Dynamic Languages in Toronto

September 11, 2010 6:25:45.000

The Toronto Smalltalk user's group is going to hear about some interesting Javascript work:

From Adam Spitz: Avocado is an (as yet unfinished) programming environment for JavaScript, built on top of Dan Ingalls' Lively Kernel, intended to bring some of the principles of Smalltalk (liveness, simplicity) and Self (directness, even more simplicity) to standard web browsers. JSQuiche, the first real application built with Avocado, is a code-organization tool, intended to let javaScript programmers browse through their objects at runtime and organize them using categories, comments, and poses.

The meeting will be on Monday, September 13; follow the link for full details

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Dynamic Languages in Toronto

[Bob Nemec] September 11, 2010 20:19:25.293

As always, thanks for blog post.

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