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April 8, 2010 13:10:07.229

I've been remiss in getting BottomFeeder updated (as I wrote about earlier today) - so this morning and afternoon I've been taking a real run at it. In the 7.6 based build, there were interesting rendering issues on the OS X platform - text would just disappear from the browser window. That had something to do with the VM, I think, since it's gone in the 7.7 build (and there certainly haven't been any changes to the WithStyle component).

Additionally, things just feel more responsive. Now, starting in the last release, there was some kind of odd save bug - Bf saves the position of the window on save, and that wasn't happening on the save before exiting - instead, the file holding that information was getting truncated. I've been looking at that issue today, and discovered exactly the sort of things you expect to find in old code - stuff that makes you ask yourself "Did I really write this crap?"

Here's what I mean. In the UI, there's a method called #saveAll, that invokes the save behavior that occurs after every update (assuming that setting is toggled on). However, the save on exit was using a different code path. Why, I have no idea, but I vaguely recall having various issues with proper termination a few years ago. be that as it may, I just changed the code to all use the same exit path, and now, it seems to be working properly.

Since I've been playing a lot of "Dragon Age: Origins " lately, I'm tempted to say "Thank the Maker" :) Either way, I think I'm closing in on a stable build.

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posted by James Robertson

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