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Comedy of Errors, Travel Edition

June 30, 2012 2:25:25.024

We took a trip to West Virginia today - one of my wife's co-workers is getting married, and it's happening just across the MD border, way out on the panhandle. That sounded like a nice little getaway, before the huge, nasty thunderstorm. First, it was awful to drive through - driving rain, high winds, debris on the roads. Finally, we got past that, and could not find the hotel - Google was directing us out onto a private road. Fine - we stopped and asked - and after a bit more circling, discovered that the reason we missed the landmark (a huge Wal-Mart) was... no power. The hotel had no power either, and thus, no way to check us in (or issue keys). So.... off to town, where there's one other hotel.

That one was booked. Ok, off to Frostberg (some 20 miles north) to a Days Inn. Road closed, huge tree across it. At this point, we started wondering which sins we were being punished for :) We headed back to the hotel we had reservations in, figuring we could sleep in the van, hope the power came back, and maybe shower in the morning. My daughter went in to sit in the lobby, and we lucked out - the night manager remembered that he had left one room open after someone else decided they didn't want it, and we got in.

So here we are, in a room with no power, using glow sticks and my iPhone for light, and tossing this out using the phone's hotspot capability. Oh, and the shower has no flow power, so there's that, too :)

posted by James Robertson

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