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BottomFeeder Releasing

December 10, 2010 11:45:54.000

As you've probably noticed, I haven't managed a release of BottomFeeder for awhile. At first, it was because I was going to ship out a 7.7 based release, then 7.7.1 came out, and then I got laid off from Cincom - so through a long chain of events, it just never happened. So...

Today I was showing my build script for Bf to some folks here at my new job - they have been using RTP manually, and I thought that a script might make things easier. In doing that, I polished my script up a bit (catching some parcel dialogs I had been ignoring), and then I was just poking around the new runtime. One of the other things that had held up a release was what I thought was a new bug, but it turns out it was simply a mistake I made when porting up to 7.7.1.

If you look in class FontPolicy, there's a method: bestFont:allowance: - it will take a font request and hand you back the best match. At the very bottom of that method is this:

	best == nil ifFalse: [^best].
		ifNil: [self class noMatchingFontSignal raiseRequestWith: requestedFont]
		ifNotNil: [noFontBlock value: requestedFont]

At some point, I removed my override fix for that - doh. So, when I get back to my home office I'll get that dealt with, do a new build, and then look at the whole rehosting problem I mentioned yesterday. The good news is, I think I'm ready to roll it out :)

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posted by James Robertson


Re: BottomFeeder Releasing

[Tom Sattler] December 10, 2010 16:47:25.964

RTP? ick! Are people still using RTP to build a new image for each release?

How about you create a small base image, which locates a "parcels" subdirectory, and looks for a file called "parcels.load" ... This file contains #loadParcel statements, which loads the parcels contained in that directory. Alternatively, if load order doesn't matter to you, dispense with the file entirely, and have your base image just load every parcel it finds in the "parcels" subdirectory. We did this at Morgan Stanley and it saved oodles of time. Bug fix? Drop a new parcel in the directory and bounce your image. New parcels get loaded at startup and all is peaches and cream.

Re: BottomFeeder Releasing

[james Robertson] December 10, 2010 16:51:49.404

That's what I do with Bf - I have a nice little build script :)

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