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Big Usually Means Slow

February 10, 2010 19:04:33.011

This is why I was never all that worried about Microsoft as a "dangerous monoploy":

Getting back to Dick Brass's criticism of Microsoft, I find it fascinating that top Microsoft executives were aware almost immediately of the threat the iTunes Music Store posed to the whole Windows Media ecosystem, but Microsoft was still unable to stop it. This matches what I've seen time and time again in my last 10 years following the company.

The problem is simple: companies as big and diverse as Microsoft tend to generate self destructive internal politics - and that eventually brings them to a near standstill. It happened to IBM back in the 80's, and now MS has hit the same wall. I expect that MS will be healthier and nimbler in a few years - but it'll be painful for them to get from here to there.

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posted by James Robertson

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