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Asking the Wrong Questions

October 23, 2012 16:12:04.000

Slashdot Insults Users with the wrong question:

'Nonsense. The long and short of it is: If my 3 years old son can learn Windows 8 through very moderate usage, anybody with half a brain can do so too.' Bill Gates has already successfully made the transition to what he calls an 'unbelievably great' Microsoft Surface. On Friday, we'll start finding out if current Windows XP and Windows 7 users are also smarter than the average 3-year-old!'

The issue isn't whether users can figure out Windows 8; it's whether they can do what they do now with XP or Windows 7, and whether doing that requires more effort, or less. If the answer is that it takes more effort (especially on non-touch systems), then yes - it's too hard to use.

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posted by James Robertson

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