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The Car is Free!

February 7, 2010 18:43:00.083

Well, it was a lot of work - but the car is finally free. Here's where things stood after we got the bottom of the driveway clear - my neighbor's blower was back online after some small repairs:

There's just no way I could get that "attachment" cleared, so I climbed in via the passenger door, and moved the car down the newly cleared driveway. Oh, and this picture shows the huge mound that I had to chip down some before we could even use the snowblower :) Anyway - the car:

Then I got the rest of the snow off, shoveled up the mess where the car had been, and pulled it back:

Good thing I lost weight a few years ago - there's very little space to squeeze into there :) At least I can get out in either car if I need to, and the streets are clear up to the exit from the neighborhood - unlike the poor folks who live on side streets here - their streets look like my patio:

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posted by James Robertson

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