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Smalltalk in Stockholm

October 2, 2010 16:52:17.000

A lively evening of Smalltalk and other dynamic languages is coming to Stockholm, Sweden on October 19th:

Cincom (Julian Fitzell, Tim Matthews), DevoTeam Quaint (Björn Eiderbäck) and TPG Objektfabriken (Göran Krampe) joined forces and invite you to an evening full of presentations and informal exchange around dynamic languages.
Topics will comprise “Dynamic languages on mobile platforms” (Mikael Kindborg, MoSync), “Web development with Seaside” (Julian Fitzell, Cincom) as well as a series of mini presentations highlighting cool aspects of each language the entire agenda will be published shortly. To ensure your seat at this free-of-charge event, please sign up here:

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posted by James Robertson

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