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Smalltalk, GLORP, and Legacy Apps

March 20, 2012 17:06:35.256

Mark Grinnell and Andreas Hiltner (Cincom) are giving something of a continuation of the talk Arden gave yesterday - how to get a new web application up and running when what you have is a set of older legacy applications.

The legacy domain is medical data - and the baseline idea is that the legacy systems are from a bunch of different labs, and can't be updated/retired - they need to keep running as is. Any new system is additive, not a replacement. The goal is to create a web app that creates a unified view over the top of the disparate ones from the multiple labs (for instance: different IDs for patients in each system).

The next bit is demo - you'll really have to wait for the video to see that. The demo is using the same glorp mapping approach Arden talked about, just in front of a larger problem.

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posted by James Robertson

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