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Nasty Security Bug in Windows

August 1, 2010 14:19:41.871

Microsoft is rushing out a patch for a really nasty bug - one that targets link files and desktop shortcuts. It can be triggered via documents, file browsing, and apparently, web browsing. So: Microsoft is rushing out a patch:

The company said it is satisfied with the quality of the "out-of-band" update -- Microsoft's term for a patch that falls outside the usual monthly delivery schedule -- but also acknowledged that it has tracked an upswing in attacks.

I could feel smug on my mac, but I think I'm with Steve Gibson on this one - he said on the last "Security Now" podcast that Mac OS and Linux likely have equally bad flaws lying around, it's just that the installed base isn't big enough to warrant a search by the bad actors. Security by obscurity, I guess :)

posted by James Robertson

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