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How Not to Run a High Volume Site

November 2, 2010 18:12:35.509

If you're running one of the higher volume websites - and today (election day in the US), many of the political blogs are in that category - you don't want to see this:

Error establishing a database connection

I really wonder how many people don't know that they need a caching solution until they get hammered?

posted by James Robertson


Re: How Not to Run a High Volume Site

[John M McIntosh] November 3, 2010 1:02:45.184

Oh many I think, obviously no-one fired up a test farm harness and fired off more than one computer's load of transaction at the same time. What the limit to the SQL server is 128 users?

What's fun now is the whole multi-threaded idioms on the iphone, bad code works fine until the user load ticks to TWO, then we lurch into race conditions, out of order processing, and general screwups. Apple should bring back their "Think Different" thoughts just for the programmers.

Re: How Not to Run a High Volume Site

[W^L+] November 3, 2010 1:48:41.834

Calif Sec of State site can't keep up. "Server busy" messages at [link 1]

I think that's one site that should have expected heavy volume and been prepared for it (hire Akamai for the night or something).

[1 http://vote.sos.ca.gov/]

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