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How Bad is the CFAA?

April 7, 2013 13:50:26.097

Your kid has probably committed numerous felonies by the time they hit 18, and given the way the Feds went after Aaron Swartz, if your kid is outspoken about things that irritate the wrong federal prosecutor, well....

Seventeen highlights the absurdity of giving terms of service the force of law under the CFAA. It boasts a readership of almost 4.5 million teen readers with an average age of 16 and a half, and yet, until today, the average reader was legally banned from visiting Seventeen.com. That’s right, for a magazine dedicated to teen fashion, the publisher’s terms explicitly restricted online access to readers 18 and older. What’s worse, the Justice Department could choose to bring the might of the government to enforce this contract against a Seventeen reader who may never have even seen the agreement.


posted by James Robertson

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