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Fuel 1.5

July 6, 2011 7:51:54.181

Fuel (an object serializer for Pharo) is now at version 1.5 - what's new?

  • Initialize instances after materialization implementing #fuelAfterMaterialization
  • Ignore transient instance variables overriding #fuelIgnoredInstanceVariableNames
  • Limit serialization progress bar to update at most once every 250 milliseconds
  • Traits are serialized and materialized as a regular objects
  • Removed mappers system cache (Eliot)
  • Many new tests
  • Benchmarks: compare Fuel against StOMP, SRP, SIXX, Magma, EsAndEm and Fuel with progress bar
  • Benchmarks: new samples, scripts, and CSV exporter
  • Benchmarks: measure serialization stream size
  • Removed some redundant #fuelAccept:
  • Several aesthetic changes in protocols, categories and comments
  • Now #materialize answers the materialized root
  • Removed special cluster for HashedCollection - Now #rehash is sent via #fuelAfterMaterialization
  • MethodContext serialization does not serialize temps
  • Classes and Traits now serialize its environment (testCreateWithSmalltalkGlobalsEnvironment)
  • Fixed serialization of non-octet characters (testCharacter)
  • Fixed a bug serializing the system dictionary - FLWellKnownObjectsCluster handles it
  • Fixed a bug serializing class variables (testClassVariable)
  • Fixed a bug when serializing a collection with size greater than 1^16 with repeated elements inside
  • Fixed testTwoCompiledMethodsReferencingSameClassVariable
  • Optimization: instanceIndexes are directly created with the exact size (Henrik)

Fuel is part of the ESUG Summertalk project

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posted by James Robertson

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