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End Users Don't Care

January 30, 2010 21:56:05.416

In the comments for my earlier post, a bunch of people made the point that Flash "should die" (in my experience, lots of tech folks feel that way). However, you really have to ponder the end user point of viewin banning Flash from a device like the iPad:

Last, I am not buying any device that is intended to become my primary media consumption tool when it won't display most video that exists online, or that someone might want or need to show me. That would be nuts. I get that Apple wants to force everyone to begin offering an Apple video alternative online, along with or instead of Flash-based video, but I am not going to spend $600 or more to be their consumer battering ram on this issue. If I spend that much money on a piece of technology which is primarily designed as a way for me to look at things online, I darn well better be able to see ALL the video that's out there, and see it easily and without hassle.

This is why I think that Apple is going to have to bend on this. Yes, HTML5 is coming, and yes, it'll change things. But- the end user adoption rate of HTML5 capable browsers will be slow, and it will continue to be a safe bet to assume that Flash will work for most people.

Which means that for most end users, the iPad is going to be a sub-optimal video viewing device. Say you take a trip, and want to keep up with some of your TV shows on the road? Too bad for you - Hulu will display a "plugin required" image.

I don't think this will be the slam dunk Apple thinks it'll be without Flash support.

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posted by James Robertson

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