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Dumbest Idea Ever

December 11, 2010 19:32:27.157

Yes, doing a stunt like this for charity is interesting, but seriously - taking a trans-pacific flight with no bags?

One thing I really, really like about the No Baggage Challenge Life is simple. I have two shirts, two pairs of pants, one pair of shoes, socks, and underwear. I’m going out at night? A shirt and pair of pants. I’m going to a meeting? A shirt and a pair of pants.

If your goals are to:

  • Get no exercise during your trip
  • Either smell bad, or do laundry every single night

then this might work out for you. Otherwise? Not so much. I travel light - one bag for clothes, one for the electronics. Unless I'm bringing golf clubs, I don't check anything, and trust me - it's way, way simpler than the method this guy is using.

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posted by James Robertson

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