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January 30, 2010 11:53:15.931

In deference to those who haven't seen the ending yet, I won't talk about specifics. My general take? There was a point midway through season 1 where my interest really started to flag. Once it was clear that season 2 was going to be it, the show came back for me - I think a hard deadline really got the attention of Joss and the other writers, and they focused.

Still, you could tell that the endgame itself was rushed - the last 2 episodes in particular just raced to the conclusion - not unlike the movie "Serenity", where all plot threads got tied up more quickly than they should have been. Which is not to say that I was unhappy with how it ended - it's more to say that I would have liked the end to have taken place over about 2 more hours.

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posted by James Robertson

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