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Dead Space Tenseness

July 11, 2010 18:47:20.886

I've pretty much exhausted DragonAge and Mass Effect 2 - there's nothing I don't know anymore about either game. So - on to unplayed games. I started Dead Space awhile ago, put it down, and pretty much forgot about it. This morning I pisked it up again, and it's intense - it's an interactive "Alien" (the movie). The creatures are nasty, and you don't really start with much in the way of weapons - I just reached chapter 3, and was finally able to afford a pulse rifle.

It's also a game with specific save checkpoints - you either reach them or you don't. I like the game, but I doubt I'll do more than one run through. Like shooters, it's a very linear progression game. Fun, but not the kind of game I'll go back to (like ME2 and DragonAge).

Funny side story about this game - my daughter tried it, and decided it was too intense. So her plan for the game was to have a sleepover party and play the game at 1 AM. That'll lead to a solid night's sleep :)

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posted by James Robertson

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