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Barnes and Noble Goes to the iPad

May 27, 2010 11:03:05.601

Like Amazon, B&N has apparently decided that the Nook is not a core item to be protected - the book business is the key thing:

Unlike Apple and Amazon, bookselling behemoth Barnes & Noble didn't have an e-reading app available for the iPad on day one. But it's just released an iPad version of its eReader

My wife was happy to hear that - it opens up another catalog of books for the iPad. While there are some luddites around claiming that print is better, I don't think that's the issue. This is an additional channel for reading, not a replacement. It will work better for some kinds of reading, and less well for others (I'm thinking textbooks in which you might want to annotate or highlight). Bear in mind though, most of us stop using textbooks after the age of 21 or so, so trumpeting that lack as a key problem is kind of narrow-minded...

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posted by James Robertson

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