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ObjectStudio GUI

June 12, 2013 14:37:03.260

Cincom is also working on the ObjectStudio GUI - Andreas Hiltner and Dirk Verleyson are covering that. The main goals are to update the implementation, and surface as much of it as possible into Smalltalk (it's mostly in C now).

The framework is separate from the old stuff - new class at the top mapping to a window, called UIView. Ultimately, this will be integrated with a new GUI designer as well, but that's further out.

Old GUI used GDI, new GUI is using GDI+ (C++ based). Adds some features not in OS - anti-aliasing, floating poit coords, gradient shading, and a lot more. It's got a flat API, so it's accessible from C. It's a business class rendering framework, not a high speed one like DirectX.

Switching from Trigger Events to Announcements. Impemented with tests as well. The rest of the talk went through a demo of what's been done - it looks pretty good so far. Interesting dogfooding aspect of this - Dirk is the first user of it, as he's building tools for ObjectStudio. New API for opening a window is familiar for ObjectStudio - should be easy to migrate to.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: ObjectStudio GUI

[anonymous] June 13, 2013 3:33:18.182

Is there documentation somewhere which points out the differences between the trigger event system and announcements?

Re: ObjectStudio GUI

[anonymous] June 13, 2013 4:43:28.173

How much of what is being changed can have positive impacts on VW?

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