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Apple Breaks Their Tools

March 7, 2012 11:40:37.258

I had a fairly dismaying time with Lion this morning; one of the changes Apple made has really impacted my workflow in a negative way. The change is pretty stupid, too. Consider how I would deal with an image in Snow Leopard:


  • Export a .pct image from a video using QuickTime Pro (the old version; the new version still stinks)
  • Open the image in Preview
  • Crop, resize, save, all in the same session


Now ponder the *cough* improved *cough* workflow:


  • Export a .pct from a video using QuickTime Pro (the old version; the new version still stinks)
  • Open in Preview
  • Export to a PDF
  • Open the PDF, export to a JPG (or PNG, etc)
  • Open the new file, crop, resize, export yet again


What the heck was wrong with Save As? Why do I have to walk through PDF, when it's clear that Preview still handles all the image formats? Who at Apple thought all of these extra steps served a purpose? Who at Apple is going to fix the problem?  And who decided that eliminating Save As across all the stock tools and replacing it with Export was helpful?  I understand the versioning idea, but heck - that's not how every other blasted tool on the planet works.  Give me back my old workflow - if I wanted to have a crappy time working, I'd use Office with the idiotic ribbon....

posted by James Robertson


Re: Apple Breaks Their Tools

[anonymous] March 8, 2012 8:44:55.372


Do you run Cincom Smalltalk in Lion? After I installed Cincom smalltalk, I try to save an image, and I receive an ioctrl error and Smalltalk crashes.

Re: Apple Breaks Their Tools

[James Robertson] March 8, 2012 12:18:27.973

I have no problem running VW images; the only issue is the known pipe issue, which hits me because my Bottomfeeder build is based on VW 7.7.1. I'm going to see if using a newer VM helps, because the issue there is at the VM level.

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