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Old Dudes Who Know Smalltalk

December 29, 2010 15:11:26.233

Instantiations is selling some cool Smalltalk t-shirts via Cafe Press

posted by James Robertson


Re: Old Dudes Who Know Smalltalk

[Louis] December 30, 2010 3:54:57.962

And that heroic title refers to [link 1]

"Ah, there it is -- These are Old Dudes! I love Old Dudes! And I really love Old Dudes Who Know Smalltalk! I was nurtured, sculpted, and brainwashed by Old Dudes Who Know Smalltalk from my very first day as a professional programmer, and they universally "get it". Young whipper-snappers out there, take note: if you ever here some Old Dude say the words "in Smalltalk you could blah blah blah" or "In VisualWorks you could yada yada", spend as much time with this person as possible. You will learn more from them about software development than the Young Dude who only wears black and thinks that the bash shell is "too bloated"."


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