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Should Be a Disqualification

December 21, 2010 20:13:02.709

The fact that the people in charge of the FCC actually seem to believe this tells me that they have no business regulating anything more complex than their utensils drawer - and that might be pushing it:

the release says that only "measured steps" to regulating wireless are necessary because "open operating systems like Android" have been released, and that it wants to see how Verizon and other 700MHz spectrum winners handle the hotly-contested openness requirement when building out 4G.

Right... because how a carrier handles bits over the air has so much to do with what OS is running on the receiving device. I'll be over here, in the corner, laughing my whatever off at all the clowns who think the FCC is doing anything useful.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Should Be a Disqualification

[W^L+] December 22, 2010 21:31:42.738

That language sounds like it came right out of the bigG-VZW proposal.

I agree completely. This shows the kind of incompetence that previously only afflicted corporate CEOs.

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