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Who Cares About your Products?

December 17, 2010 11:56:03.000

David Meerman Scott says this kind of thing a lot:

For years, I've been saying that to create great Web content, you need to always be thinking: Nobody cares about my products and services except me and the others in my organization. What your buyers do care about are themselves and they care a great deal about solving their problems (and are always on the lookout for a company that can help them do so).

The thing is, it's true - but only to an extent. In the process of telling people how you can solve their problems, you have to get into the how - and presumably, that involves.... your product(s). So yes, no one cares about your products - in the abstract. What they might care about is how your products can be used in their domain.

In order to get there, you do actually have to - *gasp* talk about your products. Because cutesy videos might attract a lot of views, but if they don't relate you and your products to a live problem, that's all they do.

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posted by James Robertson

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