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Lawyers with Too Much Free Time

October 22, 2010 23:11:32.257

Can anyone explain where the actual harm is here?

Mr. Stauffer, who calls himself a "sharp-dressed man," also happens to be a patent lawyer. He sued Brooks Brothers Inc. in federal court, claiming it broke the law by marking its adjustable bow ties with patents that expired in the 1950s.

The court should have fined Stauffer for wasting its time, and told him to find better ways to fill his free time.

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posted by James Robertson


Re: Lawyers with Too Much Free Time

[W^L+] October 23, 2010 12:15:24.679

I think he (correctly) perceives that our nation's infestation with excessive patents (and copyrights) and a vibrant public domain are deadly enemies. He's working to infest fashion and other businesses with the same mutual assured destruction / only the big boys can play that is currently strangling the technology and media content industries. The only difference is that the companies being sued were formerly the customers of these legal sharks.

As you've mentioned several times recently, patent lawyers' gold rush this argues against continuing to allow patents at all.

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