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Screencast Plans

October 21, 2010 12:54:02.321

There's a lot of things that I could cover in the new "Smalltalk 4 U" series I've started up - I intend to do a whole set of "how to install X" ones first, including the Cincom products. As an outside person, I'll walk through that the same way you would - registration, NC download, followed by installation.

After I get that set of stuff out of the way though, things are a bit more open. I was thinking of doing a set on the "standard" libraries in Smalltalk - streams and collections being the most obvious, and covering interesting aspects in each of the products I'm looking at.

Anyone have better/different ideas? Let me know!

posted by James Robertson


Re: Screencast Plans

[Kjell Godo] October 21, 2010 13:50:41.079

Please do how to connect VW to Pharo or Dolphin using sockets is my request. Or how to connect VW to Dolphin using COM. Just how to connect the different Smalltalks together in general. They are too separate in my opinion. There should be well done packages on each Smalltalk about how to connect to each of the other ones. That way they could each help each other out and become better together than seperate.

Re: Screencast Plans

[Andy Burnett] October 21, 2010 14:49:21.906

I would love to see you create some 'knock-off' websites. For instance: Twitter, something that interfaced to the google docs API e.g. it could write data into a spreadsheet, maybe a simple discussion forum.

Basically, I would love to see how a real application is put together. How you do the authentication, data storage issues, building the UI (or maybe building the UI in a different app like Flex, but integrating with a REST backend).

I know this sounds like a huge task, but if you could do it in little chunks I think it would be hugely useful.

And (yes, I know I keep asking for more), if you could do it in Pharo, so that we could all use it, that would be brilliant.

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