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Industry Misinterpretations 191: Cincom Smalltalk Roadmap, Part 2 - Audio

June 6, 2010 19:56:48.759

This week's podcast features our Product Manager, Arden Thomas. This is part 2 of two; if you didn't listen to part 1, you might want to grab that episode first. In this podcast, Arden discusses three things with us:

We didn't discuss WebVelocity 1.1, since we covered that on a recent podcast. Arden is anxious to hear what your needs are in Cincom Smalltalk - if you like what you hear this week (and next; this is part 1 of a 2 part podcast), let him know. And if you think there's something else we should be doing - let him know about that, too!

To listen now, you can either download the mp3 edition, or the AAC edition. The AAC edition comes with chapter markers. You can subscribe to either edition of the podcast directly in iTunes; just search for Smalltalk and look in the Podcast results. You can subscribe to the mp3 edition directly using this feed, or the AAC edition using this feed using any podcatching software. You can also download the podcast in ogg format.

To listen immediately, use the player below:

If you like the music we use, please visit Josh Woodward's site. We use the song Effortless for our intro/outro music. I'm sure he'd appreciate your support!

If you have feedback, send it to - or visit us on Facebook or Ning - you can vote for the Podcast Alley, and subscribe on iTunes. If you enjoy the podcast, pass the word - we would love to have more people hear about Smalltalk!

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posted by James Robertson

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