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About Buzz and Privacy...

February 11, 2010 20:21:47.688

I'm getting to be more and more glad that I've just been avoiding Google Buzz. I love this "feature" Forrester found:

Some of the people using Buzz in the last 24 hours have discovered that, in an attempt to be helpful, it exposes the list of people with whom you regularly exchange e-mail. As the Silicon Valley Insider said, "Imagine a boss discovers a subordinate emails with executives at a competitor."
There's nothing in the Buzz UI that tells you, loudly and clearly, about the visibility of the followers list that it auto-generates from your frequent active e-mail correspondents. To make a bad situation worse, even if you learn about this problem, it's hard to fix it.

Replace "executive" with "recruiter". Or plug in your own set of embarrassing revelations on a personal level. I wonder whether Calacanis has figured this out, since he's proclaimed this to be a real Facebook killer?

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posted by James Robertson

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